1 Light grid ruler grid coder 4 times frequency pulse counter, Modbus RTU module WJ153


● The grating ruler grille ruler converts to standard MODBUS RTU protocol

● Can be used as a range angle or speed measurement

● Use a 4x frequency count to identify the positive and reverse

● Measurement value supports automatic power -off automatically saved

● The actual value can be set up automatically

● Pulse input supports PNP and NPN input

● Pulse input can set the filter time when there is interference

● The measurement value can be set up through the RS-485 interface

● Power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC

● High reliability, convenient programming, easy application

● Standard DIN35 guide installation, which is convenient for concentrated wiring

● User programmable setting module address, baud rate, etc.

typical application:

● Gallery ruler pulse signal measurement

● Magnetic grid ruler vein signal measurement

● Triple coordinate system location measurement

● Gallery ruler pulse signal measurement

● Grav ruler signal is long passed to the industrial control machine

● The encoder signal is long passed to the industrial control machine

● Coder pulse signal measurement

● Smart factory and Industrial Internet of Things

product description:

WJ153 products implement signal acquisition between sensors and hosts to decoding the grating ruler magnetic grid signal. The WJ153 series products can be applied in the RS-485 bus industrial automation control system, automated machine tool, industrial robot, three-coordinate positioning system, displacement measurement, itinerary measurement, angle measurement, speed measurement, product meter, and so on.

Products include signal collection, pulse signal capture, signal conversion and RS-485 serial communication. Each serial port can connect up to 255 WJ153 series modules, and the communication method adopts the ASCII code communication protocol or the Modbus RTU communication protocol. The baud rate can be set by the code. Programming.

The WJ153 series products are based on the intelligent monitoring and control system of single -chip microcomputers. All users set the addresses, Potter, data formats, verification, and status configuration information are stored in non -easy -to -miss memory EEPROM.

WJ153 series products are designed and manufactured according to industrial standards. They are not isolated between signal input / output, strong anti -interference ability, and high reliability. Work temperature range-45 ℃ ~+85 ℃.

Function introduction:

WJ153 Remote I/O module can be used to measure the signal of the 1st grid ruler grid coder.

1. Signal input

1 Light grid ruler grid coder signal input can be connected to the NPN and PNP signals, and the input type is set through the command settings.

2. Communication protocol

Communication interface: 1 standard RS-485 communication interface.

Communication protocol: Support two protocols, commands defined character protocols and Modbus RTU communication protocols. The module automatically identifies the communication protocol to achieve network communication with multiple brands of PLC, RTU or computer monitoring system.

Data format: 10 bits. 1 starting position, 8 -bit data bits, and 1 stop. No verification.

Correspondence address (0 ~ 255) and Potter (2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200bps) can be set; the longest distance of the communication network can reach 1200 meters, and the cable connection is shielded by twisted.

The communication interface high anti -interference design, ± 15kV ESD protection, the communication response time is less than 100ms.

3. Anti -interference

You can set up verification as needed. Inside the module, there is a transient inhibitory diode, which can effectively inhibit various waves, protect the module, and the internal digital filtering, which can also inhibit the industrial frequency interference from the grid.

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1 Light grid ruler grid coder 4 times frequency pulse counter, Modbus RTU module WJ153

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