WJ17 series contact resistant pass resistance four-wire millio-euro resistance signal isolation converter


 four-wire measurement method, built-in high-precision constant flow source

1MS high-speed conversion, within 0.5% conversion accuracy

 Industrial grade temperature range: -40 ~ +85 ° C

 Power, signal: input / output 3000VDC three isolated

5VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 24VDC ± 10% single power supply

 There are more than 5V-powered products that are reversed inside.

0-100MΩ / 0-200mΩ / 0-500mΩ / 0-1Ω / 0-10Ω and other resistor signal input

 International standard signal 0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA output

 Strong anti-EMC electromagnetic interference and inhibiting high frequency signal spatial interference characteristics

 Standard DIN35 installation

 Dimensions 79x69.5x25mm


 Contact resistor signal measurement

 Turn on resistance measurement

 Resistance signal transfer to voltage signal

 High precision resistance measurement

 Connecting insert resistance measurement

 Relay on-resistance measurement

 Switch guided resistance measurement

 Low-resistive product quality testing

product description:

     The WJ17 series four-wire milliocarbon resistor signal isolation amplifier is an amplifier to the micro-resistance signal, converted into a DC signal rail mounting transfer module outputted. Products are widely used in machine equipment, connector production line, mechanical relay production line, instrumentation, medical equipment, industrial self-control and other industries. This series of modules embed a high-efficiency micropower power supply, providing an isolated power supply to the input and output and an analog signal output, an analog signal output, the input resistance is a four-wire measurement method, eliminating the measurement lead strip. The resistance error of the change, the product is integrated into a high load capacity reference current source output, which provides measuring currents for measurement resistors. Since the internal photoelectric isolation technology has better anti-EMC interference and spatial electromagnetic interference than electromagnetic isolation technology.

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WJ17 series contact resistant pass resistance four-wire millio-euro resistance signal isolation converter

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