DIN11 Speed sensor signal isolation transmitter, sine wave shaping -DIN11SPO

The main characteristics of the signal speed isolation module:

>> The speed sensor signal is directly input, the plastic conditioning part wave signal

>> 200MV peak weak signal amplification and shaping

>> Sine wave, zigzag signal input, square wave signal output

>> Do not change the original waveform frequency, the response speed is fast

>> Power, Signal: Input / Output 3000VDC three isolated

>> Power supply: 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V DC single power supply

>> Low cost, small volume, easy to use, high reliability

>> Standard DIN35 rail installation

>> Size: 106.7x79.0x25.0mm

>> Industrial grade temperature range: - 45 ~ + 85 ° C

Signal speed isolation module application:

>> Speed sensor signal isolation, collection and transformation

>> Automotive speed measurement

>> Automotive ABS anti-lock brake system

>> Speed signal amplification and shaping

>> Ground interference inhibition

>> Motor speed monitoring system

>> Speed Measurement and Alarm

>> Signal Nothing Transmission and Transmission

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DIN11 Speed sensor signal isolation transmitter, sine wave shaping DIN11SPO

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