WAYJUN Hot product:8-channel NPN turn PNP, 5V level turn 24V level, signal conversion module WJ108


● 8-channel NPN signal transfer PNP signal high speed conversion

● 8 Road 0-5V level turn 0-24V level

● 8-channel TTL level turn 0-24V level

● 8-channel NPN signal turns TTL level

● 8 Road 0-24V level turn 0-5V level

● Supports input signals and output signal levels.

● Level conversion speed up to 1MHz

● Signal input / output isolation with pressure 3000VDC

● Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC

● Standard DIN35 rail installation, convenient centralized wiring

typical application:

● Level conversion between different devices

● Encoder signal is connected to PLC

● Intelligent building control, security engineering and other application systems

● Industrial automation control system DI isolator

● Industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission

● Equipment operation monitoring

● Measurement of sensor signals

● Motor speed monitoring system

● Ground interference suppression

● Switching signal acquisition of photoelectric switch

product description:

WJ108 products achieve isolation conversion and acquisition of various switching signals, supporting up to 8 switching signals. WJ108 series products can be applied to industrial automation control systems, switching DI signal measurements, monitoring and control, and industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission, etc.

Products include power supply isolation, 8 channel signals high-speed isolation. The module can provide a 5V power supply to the input, and the maximum current is 100 mA, which can be used to power the photoelectric sensor. The module also has input and output level flip function, which can control the output signal to reverse the output signal as needed. Products support multiple parameters direct transition, such as isolation and conversion of parameters such as 0-5V, 0-24V, NPN, PNP. Product specific output parameters need to be determined by selection. Product wiring Please refer to the wiring diagram.

WJ108 series is designed, manufactured, and signal input / output is isolated according to industrial standards, which can withstand 3000VDC isolation voltages, strong anti-interference ability, and high reliability. Working temperature range - 45 ° C ~ + 85 ° C.

WJ108 universal parameters:

(Typical @ + 25 ° C, VS is 24VDC)

Input Type: PNP / TTL / 0-5V / 0-24V Enter: Low Level: Enter <1V

                                      High level: input 3.5 ~ 30V

Input resistance: 10kΩ

NPN / collector open circuit input: pull-up voltage: 5V

Pull resistance: 10kΩ

Output Type: PNP / 0-24V Output: Output Current: Maximum 30mA, Output Please do not overload, otherwise burn the module.

Output voltage: 0V ~ power supply voltage minus 1V

TTL / 0-5V Output: Output Current: Maximum 10mA, output Do not overload, otherwise burn the module.

Output voltage: 0V ~ 5V

NPN / collector opening output: external pull-up voltage 0 ~ 30V, pull-up resistor can be selected from 3k to 10 k ohms, maximum load current 30mA.

Working power supply: +8 ~ 32VDC wide power supply range, there is anti-reverse and overvoltage protection circuit

Frequency response: Default product 1MHz, reduce costs, you can also choose 1 kHz.

Power consumption: less than 2W

Work temperature: - 45 ~ + 80 ° C

Work humidity: 10 ~ 90% (no condensation)

Storage temperature: - 45 ~ + 80 ° C

Storage humidity: 10 ~ 95% (no condensation)

Isolation, pressure: 3000VDC Isolation

Dimensions: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43mm

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8-channel NPN turn PNP, 5V level turn 24V level, signal conversion module WJ108

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