Two-wire 4-20mA loop power supply thermal resistance signal transmitter  WJ11

Main features:

>> Enter: PT100 (-200 ~ + 600 ° C) (range can be selected)

You can also choose to input to PT1000, PT10, Cu50, Cu100, etc.

>> Output signal: two-wire 4 ~ 20mA signal

>> 4 ~ 20mA loop power supply, no external power supply is required.

>> Industrial grade temperature range: - 45 ~ + 85 ° C

>> Precision Level: 0.2 (FSR%, relative to temperature)

>> Contain linearization and long line compensation function

>> Isolation Pressure: 3000VDC (1MA, 60S), input / output two isolated

>> You can also choose non-separated type for low cost schemes

>> Installation: DIN35 rail installation

>> Dimensions: 79x69.5x25mm


The two-wire 4-20mA loop supply thermal resistance temperature transmitter product is mainly used in the isolation and transmission of sensor signals such as PT100, PT1000, PT10, Cu50, Cu100 (sensor need for users themselves). The temperature is mainly used in the industry to measure the temperature of -200 ~ + 600 ° C. The transmitter has a linearization and long-term compensation function, and the factory is fully corrected according to the PT100 national standard indexing table, completely reaches 0.2 level accuracy requirements. Product separation and non-separation type. The isolation type input, the output is completely isolated, and the isolation withstand voltage of 3000 Vdc can be subjected to. Non-quarantine inputs and output are not isolated, and there is no interference. The product is installed in DIN35 international standard rail installation, small size, high precision, stable performance, high cost performance, can be widely used in oil, chemical, electric power, instrumentation and industrial control.

The WJ11 series temperature signal isolation amplifier is very convenient, only the linear resistance signal can be realized.

General parameters:

Essence ------ 0.2% (relative to temperature)

Enter ------- Three-wire, four-wire or two-wire thermal resistance signal, can select the thermal resistance such as PT100, PT1000, PT10, Cu50, Cu100.

                   You need to choose a temperature range and output when ordering.

Output ------ - Two-wire 4-20mA current signal.

Loop voltage -------wide loop supply voltage range isolation type: 12 ~ 30VDC

                                      Non-isolated: 9 ~ 36VDC

Response time ------- ≤100ms

Auxiliary power supply ------- No need external power supply, 4-20mA current loop power supply

Power rate ------- <1W

Temperature drift ------- 50ppm / ° C (typ)

Isolated ------- signal input / output isolation (isolated)

Isolation voltage ------- 3000VDC, 1 minute, leakage current 1mA (isolated)

Impact resistant voltage ------- 3kV, 1.2 / 50US (peak)

Work temperature -------40 ~ + 85 ° C

Storage temperature -------40 ~ + 85 ° C

Work humidity ------- 10 ~ 90% (no condensation)

Storage humidity ------- 10 ~ 95% (no condensation)

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Two-wire 4-20mA loop power supply thermal resistance signal transmitter WJ11

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