WAYJUN New product: 4-20mA turn RS-485, MODBUS data acquisition module  WJ121


● Analog signal acquisition, isolation conversion RS-485 output

● 12-bit AD converter, measurement accuracy is better than 0.1%

● Program of calibration module via the RS-485 interface

● Signal input / output isolation withstand voltage 1000VDC

● Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC

● High reliability, convenient programming, easy to apply

● Standard DIN35 rail installation, convenient centralized wiring

● User programmable setting module address, baud rate, etc.

● Support MODBUS RTU communication protocol, automatic identification protocol

● Industrial flame retardant housing, RS485 port surge protection

● AD conversion rate can be programmed

typical application:

● Signal measurement, monitoring and control

● RS-485 remote I / O, data collection

● Intelligent building control, security engineering and other application systems

● RS-485 bus industrial automation control system

● Industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission

● Equipment operation monitoring

● Measurement of sensor signals

● Acquisition and record of industrial field data

● Medical, industrial control product development

● 4-20mA or 0-5V signal acquisition

product description:

WJ121 product implements signal acquisition between sensors and hosts to detect analog signals. WJ121 series products can be applied to the RS-485 bus industrial automation control system, 4-20mA / 0-5V signal measurement, monitoring, and industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission, etc.

Products include power isolation, signal isolation, linearization, A / D conversion, and RS-485 serial communication. Each serial port can be connected up to 255 WJ121 series modules. The communication mode uses the ASCII code communication protocol or the Modbus RTU communication protocol. The baud rate can be set by the code setting, and can be hung on the same RS-485 bus with other manufacturers' control modules. Program.

WJ121 general parameters:

(Typical @ + 25 ° C, VS is 24VDC)

Input Type: Current Input / Voltage Input

Essence: 0.1%

Temperature drift: ± 50 ppm / ° C (± 100 ppm / ° C, maximum)

Input resistance: 150Ω (4-20mA / 0-20mA / 0- ± 20mA current input)

            300Ω (0-10mA / 0- ± 10mA current input)

            1.5kΩ (0-1mA / 0- ± 1MA current input)

            More than 200K (5V / 10V voltage input)

            More than 1MΩ (2.5V) Voltage input)

Bandwidth: -3 dB 10 Hz

Conversion rate: 10 SPS (factory default value, user can send a command to modify the conversion rate.)

               The AD conversion rate can be set by sending a command to 2.5 SPS, 5 SPS, 10 SPS, 20 SPS. (Channel conversion rate = AD conversion rate / open channel number)

              Note: After modifying the conversion rate, please re-calibrate the module, otherwise the measured data will deviate. You can also indicate the conversion rate when ordering, we can re-calibrate the conversion rate you asked when the product is shipped.

Commodity inhibition (CMR): 120 dB (1kΩ Source Imball @ 50/60 Hz)

Storm inhibition (NMR): 60 dB (1KΩ Source Imball @ 50/60 Hz)

Input protection: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection

Communication: Protocol RS-485 Standard Character Protocol and Modbus RTU Communication Agreement

             Baud Rate (2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps) can be selected

Address (0 ~ 255) can be software selection

Communication Response Time: 100 MS Max

Working power supply: +8 ~ 32VDC wide power supply range, there is anti-reverse and overvoltage protection circuit

Power consumption: less than 1W

Work temperature: - 45 ~ + 80 ° C

Work humidity: 10 ~ 90% (no condensation)

Storage temperature: - 45 ~ + 80 ° C

Storage humidity: 10 ~ 95% (no condensation)

Isolation, pressure: input / output between: 1kVDC, 1 minute, leakage current 1mA

             Where RS-485 outputs and power supplies are common.

Impact resistant voltage: 1kvac, 1.2 / 50US (peak)

Dimensions: 79 mm x 69.5mm x 25mm

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4-20mA turn RS-485, MODBUS data acquisition module WJ121

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