>> Eight channels thermocouple signal acquisition, isolation conversion RS-485/232 output
>> 24-bit AD converter, measurement accuracy is better than 0.1%
>> Accurate calibration module accuracy can be programmed via RS-485/232 interface
>> Isolation between the signal input / output voltage 3000VDC
>> Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC
>> J / K / T / E / R / S / B type thermocouple input
>> High reliability, easy programming, easy to use
>> Standard DIN35 rail mounting for easy centralized wiring
>> The user can program the module address, baud rate and so on
>> Support Modbus RTU communication protocol
>> Low cost, small size 
Typical application:
>> Temperature signal measurement, monitoring and control
>> RS-485 remote I / O, data acquisition
>> Intelligent building control, security engineering and other applications
>> RS-232/485 bus industrial automation and control system
>> Industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission
>> Equipment operation monitoring
>> Measurement of sensor signals acquisition and record of industrial field data
>> Medical, industrial product development
>> Various types of thermocouple signal acquisition
Product selection:
1.WJ27-485 (8-channel thermocouple signal input, output is RS-485 interface)
2.WJ27-232 (8-channel thermocouple signal input, output is RS-232 interface)

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Thermocouple Signal Acquisition Module (8-Channel) RS485/232 Modbus RTU WJ27

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