Analog Current signal to RS485 or RS232 Converter/Analog data acquisition module.Slim-line plastic housing with integral 35mm DIN rail mounting , power supply(8-32VDC)

>> Analog signal acquisition,isolated RS-485/232 output
>> 12-bit AD converter,testing accuracy>0.1%
>> Can Program and calibrate modules accuracy via RS-485/232 interface 
>> Signal input/output: 3000VDC Isolation 
>> Wide Power supply:8~32VDC
>> High reliability,easy programming,easy installation.
>> Can program setting module address,baud rate
>> 0-5V/0-10V/0-12V voltage signal or 4-20mA/0-20mA current signal input
>> Supports Modbus RTU protocol
>> DIN35 Rail-mounted
>> Dimension: 106.7x79.0x25.0 mm
●Signal testing/monitoring/control
●RS-232/485 industrial automation control system
●Industrial field signal isolation
●Process Monitoring & Control
●Test sensors signal
●Laboratory Data Acquisition
●Medical machine monitoring
●4-20mA/0-5V signal acquisition

Products selection guide:
                         WJ21  U(A)      □   –  □
Input signal(current/voltage)                        Communication Interface
   U1:0-5V                  A1:0-1mA             485: RS-485 output interface
   U2:0-10V                A2:0-10mA           232: RS-232 output interface 
   U3:0-75mV             A3:0-20mA            
   U4:0-2.5V                A4:4-20mA    
   U5:0-±5V                 A5:0-±1mA                         
   U6:0-±10V               A6:0-±10mA                         
   U7:0-±100mV         A7:0-±20mA
   U8:user-defined     A8:user-defined

Products List Samples:
WJ21-A4-485 (4-20ma input signal, output is rs485 interface)
WJ21-A3-232 (0-20ma input signal,output is rs232 interface)
WJ21-A7-485(0-±20mA input,output is rs485 interface)

WJ21-A4-232 (4-20ma input signal, output is rs232 interface)

Other types,please check our datasheet.

Note:when you order ,please choose your input and output or note your Part No..

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4-20ma to RS485 Converter,A/D Converter with Modbus RTU Remote IO Module WJ21

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