Eight-channel IEPE vibration sensor data high speed synchronization network acquisition module WJ288

product description:

WJ288 products are an Internet of Things and Industrial Ethernet Acquisition Modules that realize sensor data acquisition and send to the network. Iepe is an abbreviation of "Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric", ie integrated circuit type piezoelectric sensor. This piezoelectric sensor with built-in electronic devices has become standards in the industry. The semiconductor circuit converts the high impedance signal of the piezoelectric sensor into a low impedance voltage signal that is easier to transmit. With IEPE, you can achieve power supply and signal transmission with a standard cable for any length, and measurement errors will not be generated due to cable movement.

WJ288 series products include power conditioning, analog synchronous acquisition, constant current source output, and RJ-45 network interface communications. The communication method uses the UDP protocol. The user can set the module IP address, subnet mask, and the like.

The WJ288 series is based on the intelligent monitoring system of the microcontroller, and the user set the module IP address, the subnet mask and other configuration information stored in the non-volatile memory EEPROM.

WJ288 series products are designed, manufactured, and highly reliable, and reliable. Working temperature range - 45 ° C ~ + 85 ° C.


● Eight Road IEPE Vibration Sensor Enter the RJ45 Net Output

● Built-in 4mA constant current source power supply to IEPE vibration sensor

● Automatically collect and report data through UDP protocol

● Can be parameted by the command setting module IP

● DC power supply: 24VDC

● High reliability, convenient collection, easy to apply

● Metal waterproof box installation, waterproof moisture

● Working in harsh environments such as ports and bridges

● Dimensions: 175 x 80 x 56mm

typical application:

● Bridge vibration monitoring

● Skyscrapers vibration measurement

● Rail transit vibration detection

● Crane 3 axis vibration measurement

● Longmen crane monitoring

● Harbor lifting machinery

● Motor vibration

● Microphone audio measurement

● Wind power equipment vibration monitoring system

WJ288 general parameters:

(Typical @ + 25 ° C, VS is 24VDC)

Analog input: AD accuracy: 16 digits

             Input range: 0- ± 10VDC

             Constant current source: 4mA (± 1mA)

Temperature drift: ± 10 ppm / ° C (± 30 ppm / ° C, max)

Input resistance: greater than 100kΩ

Sampling rate: 20K SPS

Communication: UDP Communication Agreement

Interface: RJ-45 Network Interface.

Working power supply: 24VDC (± 10%) Power supply, there is anti-inverse and overvoltage protection circuit

Power consumption: less than 3W

Work temperature: - 45 ~ + 80 ° C

Working humidity: 10 ~ 95% (no condensation)

Storage temperature: - 45 ~ + 80 ° C

Storage humidity: 10 ~ 95% (no condensation)

Dimensions: 175 mm x 80 mm x 56mm

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Eight-channel IEPE vibration sensor data high speed synchronization network acquisition module WJ288

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